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Mini project overviews

Italian garden by the sea

IT gardRenderplas corner beads were the perfect choice for use in the construction of the raised beds in this luxurious Italian inspired garden. Our PVC beads will never rust in the salty sea air and are also impact resistant so a robust choice for the garden. 

Daniel Leedham-Green, Managing Director at Renderplas says; “PVC beading is a far more robust option than old fashioned metal beading and of course it’ll never rust.

A small knock will bend and dent metal causing chips and weaknesses whereas Renderplas impact resistant PVC absorbs knocks and blows. Renderplas beads will last at least 25 years and definitely for the lifetime of the render."

Creative Landscapes are a garden design and landscaping business specialising in garden brickwork, stonework, woodwork, pools and water features. 

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