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Modern, crisp details that last thanks to Renderplas movement beads

TREGRenderplas PVC movement joint beads were critical components in the successful rendering of Treliske Retail Park in Truro, Cornwall.

Bruce Clarke of Somerset Plastering, who undertook the 1,300m2 render refurbishment, says; “The use of movement joint beads should be considered on all rendering projects. All buildings move over time and the rendered surface of a facade is no different. Whether the sun is shining on an aspect or freezing rain is lashing against it, render will be continually expanding and contracting.”

Often overlooked, the specification and installation of movement joint beads is essential if a rendered surface is to survive and maintain its clean, crack-free look. When the temperature of the rendered surface increases or decreases, the movement joint beads allow room for the render to expand and contract without cracking. Renderplas movement joint beads are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years or for the life of the render, so their use can significantly reduce the need for expensive maintenance.

Renderplas, who make the only BBA-certified PVC movement joint beads, recommend that they be used on any rendered surface over 20m2. They should be specified every 4-6m, over structural movement joints and over all changes of background.

The presence of the expansion joints can also become a design point by creating definition lines that enhance the aesthetic of the building. Bruce Clarke says, “In the case of Treliske Retail Park, it meant we could create a perfect pinstripe between the K Rend Limestone White and Granite render at the bottom of the wall, which looked great.”

Somerset Plastering, whose mantra is “It’s all in the detail”, have been using Renderplas’s PVC beads for nine years. Bruce says, “We’ve found again and again the beads’ ease of use is unbeatable.”

Used at internal corners and where two colours meet, Renderplas movement joint beads will ensure that the rendered facade of the Treliske Retail Park will remain maintenance free and looking good for many years to come.

Daniel Leedham-Green, Managing Director of Renderplas, commented on the application “I am delighted by how well this use of movement joint beads has worked. As well as defining the two render colours they also bring such a modern and crisp look to a functional building. To see them working so beautifully is very impressive.”

All Renderplas beads are made from impact-resistant PVC, meet the stipulations of the British and European standard for the design requirements for render beads (BS EN 13914-1:2016), come in a range of colours and will never rust.


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