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Renderplas PVC beads beat the weather on the ITV 'Love Your garden' - NHS 70th Anniversary Special

ITVGroupRenderplas were extremely happy to learn their products had been chosen to help create raised planters in the ITV gardening show 'Love Your Garden', earlier this year.

 Alan Titchmarsh and his team faced their biggest ever challenge when they were asked to create a multi-functional garden for patients, staff and parents to enjoy at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital as part of the NHS 70th Anniversary celebrations.

 When James Kitching, Director of Rendit Ltd, and his render experts were asked to create a series of raised planters in an area of the plot featuring a sunken garden, they were delighted to help out and had no hesitation in choosing to use Renderplas PVC beads to help with the job.

 Renderplas corner beads and stop beads allowed the team at Rendit to create straight lines quickly and provide a lasting, robust edge to the raised beds. Renderplas beads are impact resistant; a key feature in an area of high traffic and where children would be playing.

 Daniel Leedham-Green, Managing Director at Renderplas comments, “PVC beading is a far sturdier option than old-fashioned metal beading and of course, it’ll never rust. A small knock will bend and dent metal causing chips and weakness whereas Renderplas impact resistant PVC absorbs knocks and blows. Renderplas beads will last at least 25 years and definitely for the lifetime of the render even in a busy hard working environment like a recreational hospital space.”

 The weather was freezing cold during the project and James Kitching pointed out that, “One of the main benefits of using Renderplas PVC beads on this job is that there was no cracking or splitting, as can happen with inferior beads. Also, due to the cold weather, the render took longer to go off but because of the quick and easy installation of the beads, we managed to keep to schedule.”

 The finished results could be seen on the programme, which aired on ITV on Tuesday 22nd May 2018. The whole garden looked fantastic and the raised beds really stood out with their sleek lines, and K Rend Polar White render.

 Daniel Leedham-Green extends congratulations to everyone involved, commenting, “This was an extremely worthwhile project. We were excited to see our PVC beads used to create such effective raised planters which

will bring enjoyment to all who use the hospital garden throughout the seasons.”



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