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Renderplas PVCu render beading recertified by the BBA

The extensive range of Renderplas PVCu beading has been reapproved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). And Renderplas movement joints are the only movement joints that the BBA have certified as compliant with the relevant building standard. This is welcome for construction industry professionals tasked with specifying render materials or constructing wall build-ups.

Renderplas' high-quality beading is compatible with all main render manufacturers and is popular amongst rendering contractors and plasterers across all sectors of the building trade. Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques mean their PVCu products typically outperform and outlast stainless steel equivalents. This is good news for anyone looking for lightweight, easy-to-handle cost-effective materials. 

Renderplas has been leading the PVC bead market with innovations and developments since 1990. With over thirty years of experience, they have also developed strong relationships with major national builders’ merchant networks. Their products, from standard bellcast and corner beads to stop beads and movement joint beads, are widely available throughout the UK and stock can typically be delivered within 48 hours. 

Thanks to recertification from the BBA, designers, architects, specifiers and rendering contractors can continue to select Renderplas products with confidence in their suitability, quality, and performance. 

British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval for PVCu render beading

The BBA has been the major authority approving products, systems, and installers across the UK construction industry for over 50 years. It examined Renderplas products against a range of measures before reissuing an updated Agrément Certificate.

The construction supply chain depends on BBA certificates to set the bar for construction quality. They are only awarded once a range of tests and analyses have been completed including checks on structural integrity, durability, and maintenance requirements. 

In the case of Renderplas, the BBA states that Renderplas uPVC beads are proven to be suitable for fixing external rendering to walls made up of masonry, dense concrete, or timber-frame. They can be installed by a competent general builder experienced in external rendering, and that Renderplas beading is resistant to mechanical damage and that maintenance is unlikely to be required over their 25-year design life.

These conclusions were reached following impact and heat-ageing tests, weathering tests and pull-out resistance tests. Movement joints were also tested for their strength and durability. 

As a result of the above, the BBA has issued Renderplas’ Certificate with the Product Sheet Reference 11/4823. It states that in the opinion of the BBA, correctly installed, used, and maintained Renderplas PVCu beads satisfy, or contribute to satisfying, relevant Building Regulations. 

Choosing uPVC beading for your render 

BBA certification ensures choosing uPVC rendering beads for your next project comes with reassurances. This is why it is increasingly becoming the product of choice for architects and designers looking for something modern, effective and easy-to-use. Renderplas beading can be colour matched to the render material too - opening a whole range of aesthetic possibilities. 

Daniel Leedham Green, Managing Director at Renderplas, comments on the news.  

‘We’re delighted to have our product recertified with the BBA. It is a welcome seal of approval for us, our work, and our products. Our PVCu alternatives to traditional stainless-steel beading remain as popular as ever. Our recycled product is unparalleled when it comes to sustainability targets and, as there’s not enough organic material within a render system to support combustion, Renderplas beading maintains the highest of safety standards too.’

Renderplas’ dedicated team of experts are available to help with advice and customer supportregarding British Standards and our BBA certification for our uPVC beading, as well as any other queries regarding our extensive range of render beading products. 


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