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The origin of PVC beads for scraped renders

In 1990, Renderplas became the first company in Europe to develop a range of beads in UPVC (as it was then known). Corner beads in those days followed the design of a conventional roll-formed steel bead and we called this a CB65 or CB45, according to the depth of the wing.

During a meeting with Snocem Ltd in 1991, Renderplas was introduced to their Dutch partner, a supplier of specialist mineral based renders. These renders, new to the UK, were scraped back before hardening to replicate rough sawn limestone.

Renderplas entered into talks in 1993 to supply Holland and Germany with its range of PVC beads. However, it was soon apparent that there was a need for a corner bead specifically designed for these scraped finishes. The reason for this was that the arris of a conventional bead became too prominent after the 2-3mm of render was scraped back and this was aesthetically unacceptable. Renderplas solved this problem by developing the EP-14, which became the first bead in the world to be specially designed for scraped renders. This same bead is now the Renderplas CB15, the design of which has become the benchmark for all other PVC bead manufacturers.

Renderplas began to supply the CB15 to Snocem contractors, who quickly appreciated the benefits over stainless steel beads when applying their Cemrend range of scraped renders. After several subsequent changes of ownership, this Company is now known as Weber Building Solutions.


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